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This week in Girona has been amazing

Tetiana Bushchak

This column is about the Erasmus+ journey to Girona, Spain, in April 2023. Read also the travel journal and report.

The week we spent in Catalania has been amazing.. This trip abroad was the first one in my life. A whole week spent in Spain gave me memories of a lifetime.

Casa Cundaro, Cathedrals, Old Quarter and Onyar River

I was glad to meet such wonderful people in Girona: students, teachers and guides. In Girona we stayed at Casa Cundaro – an old hotel with a rich history. When you stay at Casa Cundaro, all the best places in Girona are at your fingertips!

Indeed, I liked Girona more because it is a quiet place, a small tourist town with chic architecture and beautiful weather. All the monuments are close and if you walk around the city, you can visit all the best monuments.

I lived under the walls of the Cathedral of Girona – one of the most visited cathedral, and very rich in history. If you look at the details, then one day is not enough.

If you look at the details, then one day is not enough.

On the first day we met CFA Girona school – I’m glad to be an exchange student, because I had the chance to meet such cheerful and kind teachers and students. Later we visited the Church of St. Felix – a beautiful Gothic cathedral in front of the entrance to the Old Quarter of the city.

It appeared before my eyes on the other side of the Onyar River in Girona when I left with my excursion group. Pont de Pedra is a beautiful stone bridge, famous in Girona, connecting the two parts of the city across the river Onyar.

I also appreciated the Pont de les Peixateries Velles – a bridge in the French style of the Eiffel Tower, from which
the Cathedral is perfectly visible.

And wherever I was, I was amazed and full of admiration with everything around me. The buildings are built harmoniously, creating the famous landscapes of Girona.

Sant-Pere-de-Rodes in Costa Brava and Cadaqués

On the second day we visited Sant-Pere-de-Rodes in Costa Brava – a well-preserved monastery in
the Catalan – Romanesque style. Later that day we continued to Cadaqués, a wonderful tourist town next to the sea.

There I met an Ukrainian woman, with whom we later visited Santa Maria de Cadaqués – this church brought me the greatest impression: it is quiet and solemn inside, and the main highlight is the altar. It’s nice that my birthday I found a new friend.

It’s nice that my birthday I found a new friend.

On Wednesday I visited the old walls, they offered a open view of the entire city of Girona. I still remember the last day in Girona, when our group and CFA Girona teachers went to the ‘farewell’dinner. The thought of Girona brings warmth to my heart.

Barcelona and Park Güell

For me, Barcelona has been a lively city, but this city deserves attention. We visited Park Güell as a group and this is the only place that I really liked. It is a beautiful large park where you can walk for at least two or three hours to go through all the trails and paths, see the creations of Antoni Gaudí, his house and museum, shops and houses, painted ceilings and columns.

I was sad to leave a warm country with such warm people. We were greeted, shown around, and we, in turn, introduced Etelä-Pohjanmaan Opisto to CFA Girona.

Traveling always brings something new and interesting. For me, it’s a meeting with new people, cities and sights. Traveling always gives new emotions and impressions, it allows you to get away from everyday life and immerse yourself in a new, different life, and I am very grateful to the Erasmus+ project and Etelä-Pohjanmaan Opisto for allowing me to experience this during the week.

This trip motivated me to participate as much as possible in active life and study, to visit countries and cities, to get to know a new culture, to see how other people live, to admire cultural monuments known to the whole world.

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